I believe in kindness. Also in mischief. - Annie Oliver

We were hooked when we woke.
We had arms for each other.
But I yearned to resume
My dreams of another.

Roman Payne (via observando)

We are often so enamored by the idea of being loved, by that idealized gravitational pull two people have toward one another that no trial or tribulation can throw off course, that we forget how dangerous that kind of love of can be when our hearts have not yet learned balance, moderation, or how to beat solely for itself.

Is the idea of failure something you like to explore in your work?

I do like to. And I think a lot of discovery comes out of it. I have a body of work made in collaboration with Dash Snow that is only about failure. I like to experience things that I don’t have much experience with. And so often, the work doesn’t look like the work previous to it, because once I become comfortable with a material, technique, or an idea, I don’t like to continue to handle it. Because there is less discovery and less failure.

And I think most poignant successes come out of that trajectory. 

-Dan Colen